The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

This site is dedicated to my super supportive honey, friends and family who, like my addiction for sugar, have been constants in my ever-changing and crazy adventures. They are a simple reminder of how blessed and how sweet my life truly is!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cupcakes In A Jar

My friend introduced me to this awesome chocolate trifle cake recipe.  One day, I thought, it would look so pretty in a jar.  So there it is…Thanks Eric!

Happy Birthday Mom!

This year, it was my resolution to decorate a cake at least once a month to develop my skill and experience.  My mom’s birthday was in January, and although she lives on Guam; I wanted to celebrate her life here in Hawaii with a little cake.  The colors were inspired by the acrylic plate the cake is on that I got on sale at Target.  I wanted it to have a cloth-like appearance, because my mom is a seamstress.  So, I designed a cake with ruffles.  A peony flower is ruffly and because of its size, just one alone can make a pretty big statement.  So I decided it was a good opportunity to practice making the flower for the cake.  I ended up with something that looked like a hat.  Go figure. 

Hello Kitty Cupcake

Happy First Birthday Caleb!

US PI Love

Red Ribbon

Teal Cherry Blossoms

I have to admit, my most favorite part of decorating a cake is the decoration.  Baking, while necessary for a cake, can be a bit blah.  I just haven’t developed my recipes enough to make it interesting (which is my goal for this year – develop new yummy flavors).  Anyways, I was so happy when my cousin, owner/baker/decorator of K’s Sugar & Spice, asked me to help her with a few of her cakes – just making sugar flowers!  Wahoo…another opportunity to practice flower making.  So this is one of my most recent collaborations with cousin Kelley, with flowers hand crafted by yours truly.

Pink Cherry Blossoms


Pink Rose and Stephanotis