The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

This site is dedicated to my super supportive honey, friends and family who, like my addiction for sugar, have been constants in my ever-changing and crazy adventures. They are a simple reminder of how blessed and how sweet my life truly is!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Professional Photographs by iFloyd Photography

These photographs by iFloyd Photography make my imperfect cakes simply beautiful!   These photos inspire me.  Only until my cakes look as flawless as Floyd’s photographs will I even consider starting a business.  For now, thank you friends and family…thank you Casaquit family…thank you all for your generous compliments and encouragement and allowing me to practice my cake craft for your special occasions.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Circus Tent Cake

Happy Birthday Caleb!  Deceptively simple looking, but there are at least 20 different different shapes that needed to be cut and/or molded in multiples!  The bottom tier is a 6" chocolate double layer cake with vanilla buttercream.  The tent base is a 3" chocolate cake.  The tent top is carved out of rice crispy treats.  The poles are fondant covered Pocky sticks.